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Love Middlesbrough launch Welcome to Love Middlesbrough! Launched In August 2008, at the Riverside Stadium, the Love Middlesbrough initiative is a way for passionate people to come together to promote Middlesbrough as a fantastic place to live, learn, work, invest, visit, shop and play!

With this website find what's on, things to do, latest news and more.

We encourage you to help spread the word about vibrant Middlesbrough, full of resourcefulness, creativity and talent. 

We all have a role to play in promoting Middlesbrough, as people who work, live, learn or do business here - together our pride and passion can make a difference to our town.

Visitors are invited to have a lovely time, spread the word & come back soon!

Love Middlesbrough logo

The Love Middlesbrough brand should be used on any literature, publicity, marketing materials or promotional items which are produced by Middlesbrough Council or its partners in support of the Love Middlesbrough campaign; aiming to raise the profile of Middlesbrough as a great place to live, learn, work, visit and invest.

Talking up Middlesbrough

Love Middlesbrough ambassadors in the Business Community

Together we can take the Love Middlesbrough message to a local, regional, national and international audience. Just a few of the reasons people love Middlesbrough are listed below to help you start the conversation in your spheres of influence.

Made in Middlesbrough: Respected around the World

Made in Middlesbrough - Respected around the worldMiddlesbrough’s rich manufacturing and exporting heritage stays key with local success stories such as AV Dawson, Ecco Finishing, Intelect UK, QA Weldtech, Lionweld Kennedy and William Lane Foundry.

Gary Dawson of AV Dawson stating: “Teesside has a rich engineering heritage, which is currently being reborn with the re-emergence of steel making. The traditional engineering skills which are still very much required for the buoyant oil and gas markets are also being honed to fit new opportunities in offshore renewable energy markets”.

What people are saying

Ray Mallon, previous directly-elected Mayor of Middlesbrough

"Middlesbrough is its people. I really sense a growing pride in the people of Middlesbrough. The Love Middlesbrough campaign is all about harnessing that energy and making sure the message of what we have to offer here is heard far and wide."

Chris Smith, Managing Director at Erimus Housing

"Middlesbrough's strengths are great ambition, a strong vision for what it wants to be and, above all, the people. Real salt of the earth with a great sense of humour and a passion for their home.

Some of my favourites in Middlesbrough are the Tavistock [at the Highfield Best Western] - the food and service are always good and it is easy to park. Binns, or House of Fraser as it is now, is a great traditional department store. My favourite open space is probably the waterside at Middlehaven. It is a great asset for the town with the new college a remarkable building and the new sculpture Temenos."

Joanne Fryett, Head of Partners, NECC

Middlesbrough is a fantastic place and has been transformed over the last couple of years, we have really taken on the Arts and Culture brief, with mima and more recently Temenos adding to the outdoor and public realm that we have on display. 

We have shown that we can change and deliver on business, shopping and culture.  We now have over 13,000 visitors coming to Middlesbrough and the Tees Valley to sample the diverse offer.

We truly have a home that you can live, work and play in.  The strength of the change has been with the number of businesses that are passionate and vocal about what they want for the town, and many have been involved with the regeneration programmes over the last decade.

On a personal note, I love shopping in Middlesbrough and connecting with the warm and vibrant people.

Brian Wise, Musician, SteelWorks Steel Band

"Middlesbrough's strengths are a rich heritage mixed with innovation to move well into the 21st Century fused with creative people.

Some of my favourites in Middlesbrough are Central Park, near the Dorman Museum and Albert Park for a great meal out. Shopping at Gallery TS1 for unique gifts. My favourite open space is Centre Square. My favourite activity in Middlesbrough is making music with the Steelworks Band."

Sophie Rowney, Freelance Film & Television, Middlesbrough Documentary

"Middlesbrough's people are go-getters, a friendly nature and good-willed attitude make us incredibly approachable. Though, I live in York, I am a full-time lover of Middlesbrough and always will be and am currently producing a documentary celebrating the town.

Some of my favourites in Middlesbrough are Oodles Noodles for cheap, good quality food that's scrumptious, shopping at Concept on Linthorpe Road, one of the most individual and charismatic shops full of wonderful gifts and beautiful jewellery at good prices. I love the fountains next to the Town Hall, but my heart lies with Roseberry Topping.

Finally, I love The Empire, an independent night club offering one of the most quirky and interesting nights out in England."

Thomas Robinson, Volunteer, Office of Andy McDonald MP

"I am proud to support the Love Middlesbrough campaign. Middlesbrough is becoming a vibrant, exciting place to be. We are on the map for our steel and constant regeneration makes Middlesbrough worth repeated visits.

My favourite place to eat in town is Italian restaurant Joe Rigatonis. It is perfect for meeting up with friends. Psyche on Linthorpe Road is great for shopping. My favourite outdoor space is Centre Square, home to mima and the Bottle of Notes plus great events that Middlesbrough puts on. I had a great time volunteering there at Middlesbrough Music Live."

Debbie Coulson, Marketing and Office Manager Teesside Hospice

"In my role at Teesside Hospice I get to meet some amazing and inspirational people – their warmth and determination never fails to amaze me.

Some of my favourites in Middlesbrough are Akbar’s - a great dining experience, I love the hustle and bustle of the place, Teesside Hospice Charity Chic Boutique – of course! It’s great to know your grabbing a bargain whilst supporting such a worthwhile cause and visiting mima such a major attraction. "

Steph McGovern, BBC Breakfast Business Presenter

"Middlesbrough people have a fantastic ability to fight back against adversity. Whether it's economic hardship or the local football team not doing so well, I love the fact that we adapt, we regenerate and we never give in.

And the accent. Despite living away from Middlesbrough for a number of years, I vow never to lose our warm, dulcet tones and our wicked sense of humour.

To put it bluntly...Middlesbrough is a no nonsense place, full of energy and lots of people grabbing life with both hands...

The nights out I've had in Middlesbrough have been some of the best fun I've had in my life, despite having lived in London and New York!"

Suzannah Clarke, Opera Singer

"When shopping in the centre I always end up having a chat with someone, possibly an old friend, sometimes people who have seen me sing or know me from some of the charities and groups I support. Sometimes it is just a stranger - Middlesbrough is a very friendly place. In London it is busier and people have less time to smile and chat."

Dave Allan, Dave Allan Communications

"I'm Middlesbrough born and bred - and passionate about the place - so I have been delighted to be part from the start of the campaign to improve the town's image. It's time we stood up and told the world about our Middlesbrough. I'm proud of the town's industrial heritage and history, of our iconic Transporter Bridge, of the wonderful countryside that surrounds us, of the international achievements of our football club and of modern day initiatives such as mima and Middlehaven. I will always do all I can to promote all that is good about Middlesbrough and to encourage our increasingly ambitious future plans. To coin Gladstone's famous quote about our town, I believe that the Love Middlesbrough campaign can itself be an infant Hercules that helps the town throw off outdated perceptions and show the nation why Teessiders generally are such a fiercely proud race."

Alastair Brownlee, Middlesbrough commentator and BBC Tees Sport Presenter

"What I love about Middlesbrough most is... the people and, of course, because it has for me the best football team in the country. I am willing to do all I can to help people share the passion that I share for my home town. Up the Boro!"

John Foster, Presenter, BBC Tees

"What I love about Middlesbrough most is... the Industry... the heritage.... I think people from the Boro have had a really raw deal in the past and what we need to do is celebrate  Middlesbrough more for what it has to offer, the history of the place and of course the future."

Tanya Garland, Managing Director, Cool Blue Brand Communications

"Middlesbrough's strength is that it's open to positive change. It's a place that has always responded to the times giving its population a flexible attitude and the ability to adapt to new ways of doing things. This is probably why its people have a great sense of humour and are so readily welcoming of new people and new ideas. It's also a great location from which to do business with its rail, road, air and world class port facilities creating easy connections to the rest of the country and beyond."

Robert Nichols, Editor and Publisher of Fly Me To The Moon fanzine

"One of Middlesbrough's big strengths is the community spirit. It binds us together and also means we possibly over-achieve in many fields. People are very proud of the heritage - Infant Hercules, sons and daughters of 19th century industry. That pride of place is very important for the future of any town/city. It is a small place but very dynamic. You never feel lost here. There is a lot more to do here than in other places of similar size - top football to top gigs - but only because the community values and supports them."

Michael Maguire, Pharmacist, Marton Pharmacy

"Middlesbrough's strengths are... its location - it's minutes away from the seaside and beautiful countryside... the variety of restaurants and shopping... a hotbed of young sporting green spaces such as Stewart Park and Albert Park... a football team with a ten-year record which is the envy of many big cities...clean air with less pollution than many towns and nearly all cities...James Cook University Hospital with a Cardiac Team which is rated as one of the top three in the world.. passionate people.. and Marton Pharmacy!"

Martyn Pellew, Former Group Development Director, PD Ports

"What I love about Middlesbrough most is that it is an area with lots of industrial history and heritage. I love walking around the town, looking at the old buildings and observing people, eating out at the Thistle Hotel and taking a trip to the Dorman Museum."

Richard Busby, Orangery Associates Limited

"As a Middlesbrough native and a Building Surveyor I’ve always loved the architecture of the town and the incredible detail that can often be seen high above the retail shop windows...take a minute and have a look!

Add to this some fantastic historical buildings such as the Library and Town Hall, and the more contemporary buildings such as Middlesbrough College, mima and those within the colourful Boho Zone, along with the amazing facades of Psyche and Akbar’s Indian Restaurant and you have an amazing eclectic mix of architecture to rival any town in the country. Middlesbrough is definitely a town on the ascendancy and I’m proud to be associated with, and supportive of its continued and exciting development. "

Responses to the question: What I love about Middlesbrough

When we launched the Love Middlesbrough campaign, we invited you to tell us what you love about Middlesbrough.

The response was overwhelming. We were delighted to discover that so many people right across the country are passionate about Middlesbrough and speak so fondly about its unique character and features.

Mrs Norma Sutcliffe, Marton

"I love Middlesbrough because of the warmth of the people, its unique 'Herculean' industrial heritage, its close proximity to coast and country, its new and vibrant social and cultural atmosphere, the harmony that Middlesbrough shares through diversity of cultures and most of all because it is home and I am proud to call it so."

Mr Robin Midgley, Surrey

"I love the mix of the surrounding beautiful rolling countryside with market square picture postcard villages. I love the hustle and bustle of central Middlesbrough where the shops, restaurants and pubs provide value for money. Finally, I love the Football club who are the ultimate cool with their cutting edge Academy producing fabulous local talent of which they are rightly proud."When we launched the Love Middlesbrough campaign, we invited you take part in an exclusive competition and tell us what you love about Middlesbrough.

The response to the competition was overwhelming. We were delighted to discover that so many people right across the country are passionate about the town and speak so fondly about its unique character and features.

Mrs Susan Cox, Middlesbrough

"Middlesbrough has cutting edge regeneration, is cosmopolitan, has great nightlife, and reflects passionately its industrial heritage. We have adoring boro fans, great shopping and i am proud to say it's my home."

Mr David Carter, Middlesbrough

"A steel town with a heart of gold! Townsfolk with notable bottle - and a bottle of notes! Food and footballers from around the globe!"

Mrs Mary Dunning

"It is a fantastic place due to the people (friendly & helpful). I was born here, have had a good education got a great job, married here and hope to win the lottery and stay here."

Mrs Karen Cargill

"Middlesbrough is where I grew up and where I work, and until recently where I lived. I have seen it grow and change but it always seems like home. I am proud to tell everyone I meet that I am from the Boro!"

Professor Zulfiqur Ali

"The people of Middlesbrough are so friendly and open."

Ms Christine McDonald

"I love the fact that we have a very eclectic mix of people from many countries and cultures and for the most part we all get on. There is very little open racism."

Mrs Claire Stockton

"Because it's the heart of my home."

Mrs Celia Gardner

"When it comes to style, Boro wins by a mile."

Miss Lucy Watson

"I went to uni in Boro 2001 - 2005, the evolution of the town is amazing. You have invested so much in the town centre and university to make it modern and inviting. I love the art pieces around campus and town, it shows how much you care about improving Teesside."

Mrs Lynn Stainsby

"Middlesbrough is a real town, with real people living real lives. We have no unnecessary airs and graces; just honesty, integrity, resilience, friendliness and spirit with a willingness and capability to take on new challenges. But the best thing is the expression of surprise on the faces of visitors when they discover Middlesbrough for the first time."

Mrs Janet Bird

"I love the people in Middlesbrough for their warmth and welcome of people from anywhere, you'll quickly make friends in any pub in the town. It also boasts a wide variety of great food outlets, from pasties and parmos to fine dining. You can come to the Boro as a stranger but will certainly leave as a friend."

Miss Emma Cole

"Middlesbrough is like a family that welcomes everybody. No matter what their gender, ethnicity or social background is. I came to Teesside a student and became a resident. Middlesbrough offers fun activities for everybody, to celebrate life, music, Easter, Christmas, autumn, spring and summer."

Miss Tracy Skinner

"The thing I love most about Middlesbrough are my memories of my time at the University of Teesside where I worked and studied for four years. The developments that were taking place were so fast paced that it created a great atmosphere on campus. It's wonderful to see such regeneration in the centre of Middlesbrough."

Mr Len Junier

"Proud to belong to a place like Middlesbrough that is a town that has promised to deliver and is now delivering what it promised. People in Middlesbrough know how to welcome, how to offer their warmth to any who arrive. In Middlesbrough now there are solutions where before were just problems, the town is being driven not directed, led not pulled along and is quickly becoming the cultural heart of Teesside."

Mr Mike Dowsett

"It's simple, the people are GREAT!"

Miss Angela Swales

"Middlesbrough and its surroundings creates amazing contrasts, from the industrial to the natural landscape, the people are warm friendly and inviting, and most importantly are proud of their town."

Mrs Barbara Neil

"Middlesbrough has the best of everything, excellent coast, exquisite countryside all within short distance of its centre."

Mr Mark Mcglade

"It is people that makes a place, and in boro we have the most friendly, funny people in the world. I have lived in the so-called glamour cities - New York, London, Paris - but nowhere are there such genuine folk as here. From the humble street cleaner to heads of big business, people smile and say hello, you can start conversations with anyone"

Mr Lee Featherstone

"My home... My heart... My light."

Mr Jonathan Strathern

"I'm so proud of where I am from! The people are so friendly! The nightlife, the place is growing bigger and better, more shops, great shops and most of all, my home, THE RIVERSIDE STADIUM!! It is our home and it always will be! Up the Boro!!!"

Miss Rona Moulstone

"I love Middlesbrough because of its shopping, day & night atmosphere & the uni!!!"

Mr Anthony Irving

"What I love about Middlesbrough is the ability the town and the people have to stand out, embrace change, be passionate about where we come from and what we do."

Mr Anthony Russell

"Steelworks, shipbuilding, heavy engineering, bridge building, petrochemicals. This town has been one of England's premier industrial powerhouses for over 100 years. A lot of people in the country look down their noses at us 'smoggies' but I am proud of our shared heritage. Just listen to 'Steel River' by Chris Rea to understand what we are all about. "I was born and raised on Steel River." And, yes, we know that the song is about leaving Middlesbrough but the town is in his heart and it is in all our hearts."

Miss Victoria Rushin

"Middlesbrough is a fighter. Despite all the odds it manages to offer great shopping; proud, friendly people; innovative attractions and a real sense of progress and improvement. People care, and it's a great base for getting to know the North East of England."

Mrs Cecilia Gardner

"I love the forward thinking of the Council. I love the extent of the shopping areas. I love to see the pride and love that the locals have for the Boro."

Mr Ste Robson

"Its got parmos n pop, n hard graft a lot... with iron or steel thrown into the pot ... King Gibbo's our man, Gate's Army we shout those stupid Geordie Magpies will never win out... Boro's our love, our passion, our home. Its what makes a man instead of a gnome!"

Mrs Lisa Payne

"Having been born and bred in Middlesbrough, and now having the opportunity to study as a mature student at Teesside University in Middlesbrough. I am extremely proud of my roots and take great pleasure in telling people where I'm from and studying."

Mr Jonathan Strathern

"I am in the army and I am a fanatic of the town I am from! I am constantly talking about Boro! The Riverside is my home! Our parmos are mint and I have to take one to my sister in the Lake District whenever I visit her! Boro is the best!!!"

Mrs Margaret Robinson

"The people from Middlesbrough should be proud... We support the Boro with pride and passion... and we can shop in the Malls for gifts and fashion!"

Mrs. Janet Thornburn

"Middlesbrough grounds, an all year rounder at Hall Drive Acklam. In the heart of M'bro, yet calm and unspoilt. Beautiful trees and wonderful scenery. Spring, summer, autumn, winter... it's inspiring to watch the seasons change, listen to the different sounds, birds singing, trees blowing, the sun glistening on the pond, the ducks with their new offspring and the children laughing and playing with their new conkers. I HOPE IT LIVES FOREVER."

Mrs Sarah Towers

"Middlesbrough has loads to offer as a town from good pubs and restaurants to museums, great parks, cinema and now a new art gallery. Living costs are reasonable while you have all the advantages of a major town whilst being a stone's throw away from excellent countryside and the north east coast."

Miss Janet Watkinson

" has the lot. Animex, bungee jumping, Cannon Park, designer boutiques, excitement, a fantastic football team, green flag parks, high street shops, international festivals and Jools holland. Its got Kitch-en gallery, live music, mima art gallery, nightlife and orchestras, Psyche, quality shopping, restaurants, a skate plaza, transporter bridge and more! There's a university and it's got a vision, wonderful people, exciting days out, and youth friendly. From A-Z, Middlesbrough is the place to be!"

Mrs Collette Pratchett

"As a student in the early 80s I was welcomed by all my neighbours in typical Boro fashion....with down to earth wisdom, generosity and good can't get that anywhere else!"

Mr Gemma James

"I believe that there is nowhere like Middlesbrough because the people make the town. They are kind and considerate regarding each other and visitors to the town. There are no people like Middlesbrough people."

Mrs Helen Walton

"The people - they are all so friendly. We have everything on hand - the seaside, the countryside and a fantastic town. The nightlife is brilliant."

Mr Iain Sloan

"I love the fact that Middlesbrough is a secret, so many people across the country have no clue about the great people, and town that is Middlesbrough... I grew up here, I came back to go to University and would recommend it to anyone. My only regret is that I don't live there now. To sum Boro up, vibrant, friendly, exciting and the most underrated town in the UK. To those who are negative about it, well you can't ever have really been here!"

Mrs Helen Ellis

"Middlesbrough's great network of cycle routes allow you to explore our fantastic parks and open spaces. The shops have something for everyone and the university campus makes me wish I was a student again! The clean, modern lines of the central square and mima on a sunny afternoon make me feel like I'm on a European city break, whilst the duck pond and the view of the Cleveland hills remind me that I'm home again...."

Love Where You Live postcards

A handful of entries from the UK's biggest Art competition. mima working with Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation held a postcard art competition with a massive Forty One Thousand Pounds up for grabs to support good causes locally on the theme of Love Where You Live. Photos by Yaffa Phillips.

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