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Middlesbrough College

At Middlesbrough College, we aim to do our very best for students. Our 16-18 students come to us in increasing numbers from across the Tees Valley and particularly Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton.

So why might this be?

• We have the best success rates for full-time courses in the Tees Valley and are in the top 10% of colleges for results in the UK

• We offer full-time courses in a vast range of vocational areas and at all levels.

• We offer a very comprehensive range of A level courses.

• We offer apprenticeships with links to some great employers.

• We are open to all, however much you have achieved at school.

• We aim to be excellent, and Ofsted tell us in their inspection report (April 2011) that “Middlesbrough College is good with outstanding features”.

• We have a new building full of excellent facilities and we invest £1.5m a year to make sure that we keep on improving them.

• In 2012, we opened a new Sixth Form facility, MC6, as well as wonderful new MC sports facilities all valued at some £7m.

• We have a network of 1,400 computers, and you can access our virtual learning environment from home.

• We have over 4,000 full-time students and apprentices in the College which is a sure sign we are doing the right thing.

So we really are big enough to deliver a great curriculum, but we are also personal enough to care:

• Every one of our full-time students has a personal tutor.

• We have a great benefits package to help your cash go further. We offer free transport, reduced food costs, help with course materials and even cash to those who most need it. And all this is done privately and confidentially based on your needs.

• We know that to get it right for students, we need to listen first. We have a full-time student union officer, a student elected by the student body, who attends and contributes to the College’s Leadership Team and Governing Body meetings.

• But most of all, we believe in you. Whether you have loads of qualifications or none, we believe that you are capable of doing great things. We are the ‘can do’ College, and our sole purpose is to enable you to get a great job, either directly or via apprenticeship or higher education. We want you to live a happy and prosperous life and know how important it is to give you a great education and training. We don’t accept failure, and we take our responsibilities in doing the best for you very seriously. We care individually for every one of our students. We summarise this with the words “driving ambition, inspiring success”.